Caederon can sound like a small place at times but, in reality, it is a very large mass of land on Terras. Due to it's vast size, Caederon's climate and geography varies from coast to coast.

In the territories to the north including Nordstar and Velethin, temperatures can easily fall to an average of 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to these subarctic temperatures, the northern lands are always coated in snow. There are few mountains but it is not an Ice Cap devoid of vegetation. Endless forests can be found easily by any travelling in these terrains. The trouble is finding your way out of them.

Around the heart of Caederon, far south from Nordstar, the territories' contain many woods. These forests are not deep and dark like the  to the south-east. The sun easily permeates through the folliage created by the canopy of the trees shining its light and radiance on all creatures that make their home there. These lands can be found in the territories of Temperius and Arcalith.

These forests continue to the west until eventually dispersing and becoming a broad plain that stretches all the way to the western coast of Caederon. This whole plain belongs to the territory of, believe it or not, The Plainlands. Unlike some plains, the temperature can reach high temperatures of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Trees are scarce on these plains as it doesn't rain too often. Plants of the plains grassland are adapted to dry conditions and extreme temperatures. A variety of shrubs are found here, but not enough to be classified as the dominant plant species. Grasses dominate the landscape, as they are well adapted for an environment where drought and fire are common. At the very center of The Plainlands, it can almost feel like a desert. Away from all the roads and trade routes, this place is rightfully named, this being a rough translation, The Midst of Death.

As the grassland stretches further to the west, the temperature starts to cool and rainfall is more frequent. Mountain ranges rise up indicating the nearing of the coast. The land gives way to the crashing waves of the ocean. This end of Caederon is named The Black Coast for the black rocks that mar the beaches of the west. The coastal territory of Searend is just one of the many that line The Black Coast.




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